Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Having less that two weeks before Christmas started stressing me out this week because of my growing my to do list, everybody's right? But this little cheerful ornament on my Christmas tree reminded me of how I want to be this holiday season, joyful. It helped me to put things into perspective. I am really trying to make this holiday special for my family and friends and I love doing those little extra things that make it special. But when stress comes in the form of crabbiness, I think that's time to let a few of the little things go. I mean I really don't need to make my own gift tags right? Truth be told, I love to make my own gift tags. Maybe something else can fall off the to do list. But either way I want to make sure I keep the Joy that was intended for this season. We all do too, right? Hopefully my little ornament be a visual reminder, to keep perspective this very special time of year.


  1. i think it's very typical that we women have to do lists out the door...especially at this time of year!! but i like your idea of keeping joy alive when we start running ourselves into the ground...your ornament is a great reminder!! i need to get one of those!!

  2. Happy Holidays to you & yours Kristy! Hold onto the joy & delights of the season~ Theresa

  3. Thanks for sharing your perspective on stress and the holidays. I made it through and made SOME of my own tags. I have such a hard time buying them when I know I can make better ones. If I just had more time! So this year I am promising myself that I will start prepping for Christmas earlier so I can enjoy the season and not stress (as much)!
    Happy new year!