Friday, April 9, 2010

Blue skies are calling...

I really wanted to challenge myself to paint this sailboat. I grew up in a family with a Dad who had an affinity for the outdoors, boating and fishing in particular. This painting made me feel much closer to my Dad, who has passed away. That is why it was such a nice thing to paint, I think little parts of my Dad call out to me occasionally, it was nice to creatively react to one of them.


  1. Hi Kristy, I am one of your fellow fishies and thought I'd stop by and say hi - so hi! I am so glad I did. I love you image of the sailboat and what you wrote about your Dad. I too feel that at times mine calls out to me as well! I love that you wrote, "it was nice to creatively react to one of them." It inspires me to react to some of mine. thanks! Have a great evening.

  2. Thanks Stephey, it is so nice to have someone relate on such a deep level.